Essential words to use in any marketing content

Whether you market on-line or off-line the right words in your marketing content can make or break you. These words are proven and time-tested, must use words that is sure to explode your business to unimaginable levels.

All the words listed in this blog may not apply specifically or be applicable to your specific needs,
but I am sure some will.  These words are without a doubt magic when applied to your marketing content for their business. Whether it’s a flyer that you’re giving out to prospective customers, an advertisement for a product or service, a promotion for a product or service that you happen to be running, a postcard that you’re mailing out, a one-on-one or a group presentation, a website you you are putting together or it could be any form of promotion for a service or product pertaining to your business.

The words are shocking; absolutely; listen; proven, time tested; equally crazy; tremendous value, ridiculous offer; value; bonus; create fever; *stop*; sold out; end your….; free; no more; frustrated; solution; little known secret; is this you….; discover the truth about.

There are many more words that spark interest and these are just a few of them.  Think about them, are there any of them that have drawn your interest at one time or another?  That’s the magic, they draw you in and hold your attention, so that a message can be conveyed to you to take some kind of action.


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